Commercial Roofing

Roofing, Siding, Windows or Emergency Storm Repairs

Our commercial services include roofing, siding, window, and door installation.

We serve Philadelphia PA, Wilmington DE and all of southern New Jersey!
Our services are clean and always live up to expectations. We never cut corners and strive to go above and beyond our customers expectations. With an unmatched warranty, pricing and financial plans, exceptional product quality, workmanship, experienced professionals, and unmatched customer service we are committed to serving you with unmatched results.

Commercial Roofs


Commercial roofs in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware need extra attention and care. With inspections and the maintenance of a safe workplace, a roof is often overlooked. However, a commercial roof is crucial to maintaining a business. It keeps the building, customers, and employees safe and protected and plays a crucial role in a business’s operation. That’s why National Exteriors uses the best products, materials, and the most advanced professionals to provide the safest roof possible.

Our products prevent any possible weather damage that the roof may face. We do not cut corners in our process to ensure the longest lasting roof, that reflects heat, is waterproof, rain-safe in as little as an hour, solvent-free, and mold and mildew resistant.

Project: KFC Roof


We were contacted by a major regional franchisee owner the Summerwood Group. They were looking for an alternative to full roof replacements and we were able to provide one with our Spartan Silicone Roofing System.

We provided a solution and the result lead to another silicone roof project within the next three weeks on a building they were having leaks. The system saved them approximately $5000.00 and the hassle of a traditional full roof replacement.


Project: Dover Skating Center


There are approximately 500 skating centers throughout the Continental USA. The association was looking for a roofing contractor that could help them with revitalization of existing roofs without the large expense of a full roof replacement.

With our Spartan Silicone Roofing System we were able to do just that. In some cases as in this project we were not able to save the rear roof over there storage area, but the remainder of the building we saved them ap-proximately $69,000.00.


Project: Rosa Foods


We were contacted by Mary at Rosa Foods for an estimate on their factory roof. Once we evaluated the roof and provided an estimate, she could not believe that we were 48% less than the competitive bids. Skeptical at first about our Spartan Silicone Roof System, we showed the benefits of the system.

She could not be happier with the system we installed and she saved over $150,000. Please contact Mary at Rosa Foods for a reference.


Commercial Siding

Severe wind leaves your home susceptible to collapsed trees falling into your roof. Severe rain showers can cause leaky roofs which can lead to mold damage or roof rotting. To fix the storm damage of your roof or to install a strong, preventative roof, we offer the best services. National exteriors is the only in the industry with a price lock guarantee and the best warranty. When we fix your damaged roof, or replace it to prevent possible future damage, quality is guaranteed. The first time we fix it, you will not need to have your roof fixed again. We carry the best quality of materials and insured roof specialists.

Contact us for your project in Philadelphia, PA or Wilmington, DE areas including all of South Jersey!


Commercial Windows & Doors

First impressions can be crucial to the success of a business. The first impression is usually based on the curb appeal of a building. National Exteriors can help make it a good one! We aid in providing your storefront with an appealing look by installing quality doors and windows that will last the longest. In the case of a door repair we are prepared to fix any door issues such as weather stripping to create a proper seal, a new lock, and new caulking at the threshold.

Commercial Emergency Repairs


As a sister company to National Restoration, our crews will arrive as quickly as possible to give you peace of mind during your emergency, helping you to rest easy knowing that everything will be restored to “Your Normal!” Emergency weather services such as fire, smoke, and water damage to your roof, siding, or windows and doors is our speciality. We aim to satisfy our customers needs when restoring their exterior, and adding preventatives for possible future weather damage. Once we fix it, you won’t need it to be fixed again.

Our Commercial Roofing Process

  • To insure long-lasting roof quality, our process is elaborate and precise. As a preventative for future damage we use weatherproofing products. Our silicone roof protection coating reflects the sun’s heat and UV rays. It aids in sealing and protecting the surface as a long-lasting waterproof barrier.
    • Step one is to clean the surface to prepare the substrate.
    • Step two is to prep the surface with sealants that fill in any cracks. The selenat is top quality, water resistant, uv resistant, doesn’t harden, chalk, craz, or crack, and has a long life span.
    • Step three is to coat the surface area of the roof. The coat saves energy by reflecting heat, is long-lasting, waterproof, rain-safe in as little as an hour, solvent-free, mold and mildew resistant.

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